Pastor - Jeremy Tatom

Jeremy is a native Floridian and grew up in a small town in southeastern Hillsborough County. He surrendered to God’s call into ministry in 2010 and was ordained in 2015. Jeremy served as a youth pastor and senior pastor at churches in central and north Florida before God called him to serve at The Church at Deerfield Beach.  

Prior to ministry, Jeremy worked as a process server, roofing salesman and as an operations manager for a propane company. 

Here is a portion of his testimony:

“I was raised in a Southern Baptist church and repeated the ‘sinner’s prayer’ many times. This was the only assurance I had of my salvation. I struggled with this for many years. It was well into my adult life that God showed me that it was only by His grace that I was saved. My work profited nothing. I realized that being raised in church or repeating a prayer did not obligate God to save me. God is obligated to no man and owes him nothing. God showed me through Scripture that I was only saved by His sovereign grace when He elected and called me to His son.”

Jeremy has been married to his wife, Charla, since 2000 and they have 2 daughters, Kayleigh and Paige.